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You are visiting www.icosaedro.it, my personal WEB site constantly under construction. This page lists all the resources that are available in English language and that may be of some interest to the worldwide public. Programs that are packaged in their stable version are available in their respective base page. More recent updates are also available directly from the CVS Server.


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Contact Form
A contact form to drop me a quick message along with references for regular e-mail.

CVS Server
Direct access to the public repository of this WEB site: browse sources and documents, download the latest version of the main programs.

Full site map
Complete list of all the resources available.

Modular programming in C
How C programs can be structured in reusable, well documented modules.

Validator and documentator for PHP sources.

EBNF syntax checker and formatter.

ACM 5.0-ico
Multiplayer, ligthweight flight simulator for Linux 32 and 64 bits and Windows.

M2 Development System
Development system for the M2 programming language, including compiler and libraries.

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Latest Updates

2017-10-30 New version of the ACM-6.0 flight simulator.
2016-03-07 PHPLint: version 3.0_20160307 released.
2013-09-17 Netmon v. 0.5 released.
2010-01-09 ACM 5.0-ico v. 20100109 released.
2009-06-22 BNF_CHK executable for Windows released.
2008-04-23 Modular programming in C (paper).
2008-04-06 CVS Server made available with browseable projects.

Note book

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