Current version: 3.1_20180416

PHPLint is a validator and documentator for PHP 5 and PHP 7 programs. PHPLint extends the PHP language through transparent meta-code that can drive the parser to a even more strict check of the source. PHPLint is not simply a checker: it implements a new, strong typed, language built over the PHP language. You can build your programs from scratch with PHPLint in mind, or you can check and fix existing programs, or you can follow the quick-and-dirty PHP programming way and then add the PHPLint meta-code later once the program is finished. Whatever is the strategy you choose, PHPLint makes your programs safer, more secure, well documented and with drastically less bugs.

PHPLint accurately parses the target PHP source file for strict compliance to its own safety model that goes far beyond a simple syntax validation: flow analysis, tracking of exceptions and errors propagation, consistent type handling, function and method signature check, class autoloading, error mapping into exception, and much more. Moreover, only a report terminated by the statement "zero errors, zero warnings" guarantees that the generated documentation really matches the actual behavior of the program.

PHPLint is a program written in PHP itself: all you need in order to run PHPLint is the PHP-CLI interpreter 5.6 or newer; most of the development and testing of the latest release has been done with PHP 7.2, which demonstrates to be even faster and solid.

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