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 The ACM flight simulator - Download page

This page updated: 2017-10-30

ACM 6.0

Lightweight flight simulator available here for download. Features (latest changes in boldface):

Available packages and resources

acm-6.0_20171030-windows.zip (1093 KB)
Executable program for Windows x86_32 and x86_64 (this latter in compatibility mode). Windows users should download this package. It contains all you need to execute the program, including sceneries, navigation charts and reference manual. You will only need the tcl/tk interpreter in order to execute the handy ACM launcher interface, I recommend that from Magicsplat.

acm-6.0_20171030.tar.gz (1375 KB)
Source code package, mostly C language, 32-bits and 64-bits compliant for Linux and Windows. Linux users must download this one; no binary package available for them, but no fear: no need for exotic libraries or special configurations, the standard gcc compiler and usual console tools are just fine! Windows users might find compiling these sources a by more challenging as the installation of the MinGW system development kit is also required.

ACM repository
CVS repository for the latest changes (see the CHANGES.txt file). Anonymous CVS access also available, see CVS.

ACM Reference Manual
A comprehensive guide to all the features of the program, including the description of all the available instruments, a basic flight tutorial, weapon systems, how to define new aircraft and new sceneries. Included in all the packages above.

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