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 Using PHPLint with NetBeans

Last updated: 2016-01-25

NetBeans is a powerful multi-platform IDE originally born to write Java programs, but it also supports several other languages though specialized plug-ins, and PHP is among these.

NetBeans main window on Linux (click to enlarge).

The image above shows the PHPLint project opened in the main window of NetBeans with the PHP plug-in enabled. This plug-in parses all the sources from the opened project and collects all the informations about the defined items: constants, variables, functions and classes will be at your fingertips! And it is very smart, as it parses all the DocBlocks and does a deep flow analysis on the source, so it knows exactly which type a variable really is and may suggest what you can do with it.

Tips and tricks with NetBeans

And here is a list the tips and tricks I use with NetBeans:


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