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Last updated: 2018-04-16

We summarize here the main tools available under the it\icosaedro\web namespace of the PHPLint standard library. Basically, this namespace contains the sticky form class, the bt_ "web by functions" tool, and the bt form class that allow to build safe and secure web sites according to different paradigms explained below. While sticky forms and bt_ serve to two different purposes and can be used separately, bt forms join them together in a even more powerful tool.


Sticky form

The class it\icosaedro\web\Form provides the basic class to build simple, self-contained, event-driven web pages. Sticky forms save their state into the web page itself; cookies and session management is not needed. Data saved in the user's page are signed and possibly encrypted, so that the state of the form and its controls can be resumed at each post-back. A set of common web controls is also available; the Panel class allows to build even more specialized controls.

→ For more about sticky forms, see the sticky form tutorial.

Bt_ web by functions

According to the "web by functions" paradigm, web pages are not single files but instead each page is dynamically generated by a function of the program. The only existing real web page is the dispatcher page that routes request coming from the remote client to the appropriate function of the program. Events triggered by user's clicks are then dispatched to the handler function that replies to these events. These functions may take arguments and may generate the next page the user will see. Functions generating pages can be linked together much like the functions of a real program, including arguments passed from page to page, and returning values to other pages. All the values, including functions' arguments and returned values, are always stored on the server and are never sent to the remote client.

→ For more about bt_ see the bt_ web by functions tutorial.

Bt form

And finally, the it\icosaedro\web\bt_\Form class provides the natural integration among sticky forms and bt_ by adding session management to forms. By using bt forms, forms can be linked together and exchange data in a simple, safe and secure way.

→ For more about bt forms see the bt form tutorial.

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