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 PHPLint - UPattern class evaluator

Regex quick ref:
a matches a
\u000d matches codepoint U+000d
. matches a single char
\x matches special char x literally
^ matches subject beginning
$ matches subject ending
X[1,3] matches X from 1 up to 3 times
X* the same as X[0,]
X? the same as X[0,1]
X+ the same as X[1,]
{a-zA-Z} matches a single letter
{!a-zA-Z} matches any non-letter
(X) referrable matching element
(X)[1,3] referrable matching group of elems
Please read UPattern specs for more.

This mask displays an initial example that scans a list of key=value pairs, where the keys are words
and values are numbers. The Parse button applies the pattern to the subject string and displays the
suggested PHP code that may be used to extract specific parts from the result of the matching.


Subject string to parse:


Umberto Salsi

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