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 PHPLint - Features

Main features of PHPLint

PHPLint is an analyzer of PHP sources that implements its own, independent scanner and parser. All the informations collected from the sources are also used to generate the documentation. PHPLint ensures these documents reflect the actual content of the sources from which they were derived. Among its main features:

PHPLint graphical interface

Usually programmers use the command line version of PHPLint, suitable to be included in scripts to be executed automatically. The distributed package also includes phplint.tk (phplint.tcl in the Windows version), a program that provides a practical graphical user interface to the numerous options of PHPLint. Click for a larger view.

...and much more. Please read the tutorial to learn more about how PHPLint works and can be used, and try the examples with the PHPLint on-line interface to PHPLint and experiment there with your code. The reference manual is the definitive guide to PHPLint.

Features of PHP that are missing in PHPLint

As a consequence of the above missing features, the following keywords are not supported and PHPLint will raise an error if it encounters any of them:
callable enddeclare endfor endforeach endif endswitch endwhile goto insteadof trait yield

The __TRAIT__ magic constant is not implemented (it is undefined).

There is no plan to implement the features above.

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