BZE - BZFlag Map Editor

In short

BZE is a map editor for the BZFlag game (www.bzflag.org).

Updates log

Same release, now distributed under a BSD-like license (see file LICENSE). Comments in the source now translated to english.
Released bze 1.4:
- Block properties dialog box: the properties "color" of the team bases was missing. Fixed.
- Block properties dialog box: input field active or inactive based on the type of the block.
- Block properties dialog box: the world weapon entry is now a pop-up menu.
Released m2-1.0 (see the M2 page for details).
Released bze 1.3.
Released bze 1.2.
Released bze 1.1.
Start of this section. Released bze 1.0.


Bze lets you to edit the world map of the game BZFlag (www.bzflag.org) at least up to the 1.6 version. Maps for the newer BZFlag 2.something cannot be edited with Bze. Bze is a very rugh program, mostly intended as an example of programming with the M2 Development System. People interested to a practical, full featured program should look elsewere. Yet I used it successfully to create my first personal map, Arena, and it worked quite well.

ATTENTION! BZE does not understand newer BZFlag maps v. 2 and above.

Main features:

Using BZE

To start with a new empty map, first crate an empty file (touch mymap.bzw), then run bze (bze mymap.bze). To continue editing a map, simply run bze giving the file name of the map (bze mymap.bze).

Press `a' to add a block. Enter the type and the others properties of the new block, then press the OK button.

To change an existing block, display the map in wire-frame, then click on a line of the desired block. The properties dialog box appear.

Press `S' (capital letter) to save the map.

Other keys you can press are:

w,f - Switch between wireframe and solid rendering.
p - Switch between parallel and prospective projection.
l - Show/hide links.
h - Show this help.
s - Move map/point of view (use the arrow keys, PgUp, PgDw)
r - Reload the map
Q - Quit the program.

I developed BZE using the M2 programming language. M2 is a new, high level programming language inspired to Modula 2 and Pascal. M2 support dynamic arrays and automatic memory allocation. To learn more about M2 please go to www.icosaedro.it/m2.


In order to succesfully execute the program, you will have to compile it first. Instructions to do so are provided in the README file. Does not run under Microsoft Windows.


The package contain these files:

The source code of bze written in the M2 programming language. Please see www.icosaedro.it/m2 for more info about M2.

To compile the program, execute `make'. You will need the M2 compiler and some commonly available system libraries, as X Window.



Very simple world map I used to test the program.

This is my first map developed using BZE. You can use this map as an example to start the program.

Download: bze-1.4-20080415.tar.gz (18 KB)

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